Zelensky Visits Clown Country

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I remain unconvinced that my tax dollars should go to Zelensky, the bag holder in Eastern Europe. The proposed $1.7 trillion spending bill is filled with marxist, clown country spending but the additional 42 billion for Ukraine and the flag waving nonsense we were forced to endure, is a slap in the face, a salt in the wound, for tax payers who oppose the endless war regime.

The truth is that the clown funding for Ukraine is just a few drops in the bucket for the social justice pro invasion spending. The spending bill gives $1.9 billion to relocate illegal immigrants inside the United State and $0 to actually stop illegal immigration.

The Ukraine flag waving is symbolic of the disconnect in DC from the American people. Nobody in their right mind would voluntarily give money to Ukraine. Nobody in their right mind would voluntarily give money to relocate illegal immigrants to their neighborhoods. Nobody in their right mind would give money to Pakistan for gender equality. And Nobody in their right mind would pay to build a building and name it after Nancy Pelosi.

But this is what DC wants to do with our money. And they are thrilled about it. And they have their puppets and their flags and their slogans and their fools that follow along and cheer it on.


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