Youtube Monetization – Looking For A Seat At The Table – “Selling Out”

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I’ve applied for monetization at Youtube, again. I was rejected the first time. I’ve never made a dime on Youtube and as I approach 15k subscribers, it would be nice. After getting rejected for Youtube monetization the first time around I deleted half of my videos and over 3 million total views. I backed it all up, I think, and it should be stored on my Google Drive. It’s always interesting to delete content you worked hard on. It feels weird. The views gave me pride. The comments provided me entertainment. And I really appreciate the comments, good and bad. It keeps me going. So deleting that stuff is no fun, although in the long run, it does not matter. Bits and bytes on a hard drive. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

I posted about the monetization situation in the community section. I really like the community feature on Youtube. It’s like they finally figured out how to make Google + successful; just make it a tab on Youtube.

Most of you are supportive. I appreciate that. Some of you are accusing me of selling out. I understand that. For what remains of my idealistic notions of what can be said and accomplished on the social media empires that dictate what is allowed and prohibited in the polite society known as corporate America, as demented and as disjointed as it may seem to many of us, I’ve accepted these are the rules and they are the rulers.

I want to share my history, briefly, with all of you. Because while my following is small it’s large enough to tell my story and have at least a few of you care.

I ran the largest alternative health and the largest conservative political page on Facebook at one time until Facebook began stifling reach and banning pages after Trump won in 2016. Neither were technically my pages, but I grew them and split profits with the influencers. I was getting a million views per day to two different blogs. Got well over 10 billion video views. All got erased. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

From there I launched a store with the alternative health guy whose page I ran. Once we built it up to 100k in monthly sales, and I fronted half of the costs, he decided to steal the business. As big of an asshole as he is I blame myself for giving him that opportunity to steal away all effort.

For the 2020 election I began running Twitter accounts for influencers and political candidates. We had over 3 million followers between clients. But after Trump lost a couple of our larger accounts got nuked. Another account actually got into Congress. She became a congresswoman and had a DC team take over. And so I decided to launch a crypto venture. Then that market nuked.

What I’m trying to tell you all is that the past 6 years has been such a roller coaster ride for myself and my family that I can’t even begin to explain the contempt I have for the people that run these social media platforms. The bait and switch they pulled on all of us that built thriving business models on them, only to be taken away for no good reason, is a bitter pill I’ve had to swallow and accept. And so when you tell me I’m “selling out” in order to get monetized on Youtube, you can trust me that I’m just trying to feed my family. Youtube is the top of the funnel. It’s where most people go to consume video content. TikTok exists too but that’s not a viable model. I had a dog channel with over 200k followers on it, which got banned, for no good reason. And a BreakingLive channel that got banned, but has been brought back, with around 20k followers. But I don’t post on it much as I don’t see any point.

So Youtube is the top of the funnel. I’m expecting some of my old clients will be respawned back to Twitter, which will be awesome, along with my own accounts. Those will be other funnels. At that point I can scale my blog through those networks. And I can create a cohesive network that won’t be blown up, hopefully. But on Youtube specifically, I want to be monetized. I want to play the game. I’ve earned that right. I want to speak my truth on Youtube in polite society fashion. During the day I work and take courses as I learn new skills – in case my soon to be respawned social media is blown up again, and at night I’ll work on videos – because that’s what I enjoy. And I’m trying to build my own thing. Because the only thing less reliable and appreciative than social media companies are influencer clients – sometimes – unfortunately.

And that’s a tip to all of you. If you are building awesome stuff for clients, make sure if you can that you are building for yourself. Your loyalty won’t likely be reciprocated Because everyone is expendible. Your job is to build something for them that can survive without you. And if you are good at your job, there will be an expiration date.

So that is my story. I coach youth sports. I’m getting into sales. I’m getting certifications. And if all goes well, I can go back to doing what I love, which is growing communities and creating content. And I appreciate everyone that is here with me on my journey.


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