Youtube and TikTok Star Flexes Altcoin Manipulation

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In 2017 cryptocurrency was out-of-control, especially in regards to ‘altcoins’. Altcoins are all cryptocurrenty coins that are not Bitcoin. Many affectionately refer to these coins as ‘shitcoins’.

These coins achieved record highs in early 2018 and most have seen 95%+ drops since. As of late, these coins have seen renewed interest as some have seen big increases in value despite lacking, often times, real world application.

There are legendary stories from the 2017 frenzy of influencers pushing the value of these low cap coins with non-stop shameless hype and it has started again. Enter, BitBoy Crypto.

BitBoy has millions of follower on TikTok and 82k on Youtube. I’ve only recently discovered him. I looked into some of his videos and he has promoted 4 altcoins, which have seen huge gains that coincided directly with his promotion. He can throw all his money into a coin, promote it and see it go 3x immediately. It’s that easy for him. And I’m jealous. It’s a slot machine that is guaranteed hit the jackpot every single time.

Once coin he is promoting relates to a new decentralized social media site called SoMee.Social. It has a cryptocoin (token) that goes with it. The first time he promoted it the coin shot up in value over 3X. The price settled at a lower value, so he released another video, and it double in price from where it was at.

Can you tell when he dropped the first and second videos?

What makes this social media site so special? From what I can tell, nothing. I signed up and it looks like Facebook. I tried to sync my LinkedIn account and it did not work. I applied for and influencer badge and that is under review. So, the site is not ready.

I’m skeptical with all new social media sites but I’m most hopeful for social media sites that are decentralized. So I’m rooting for it. But the price boom is nothing but speculation. It’s a Youtuber flexing. It’s insane.

BitBoy said there are major deals in the works and hinted at a link between the social media site and Binance. If this were true it would be huge. He said theyre have a social and marketing reach of billions of people. I’m skeptical. He said there are major influencers and brands that will be joining the social media site after it gets done with updates and upgrade. I’m not sure if that matters.

Sure, famous people help. But that’s not enough. I need to see what about this social media platform will make people want to spend their time.

So far, it’s a shitcoin scam. It sounds like a shitcoin scam. Bitboy is treating it like a shitcoin scam. And hey, maybe he’s lining the pockets of SoMee devs and marketing teams so they can make the website functional and awesome. I hope they do.

It’s really hard to say but based on 2017/2018 insanity plus my experience in being hopeful for new social media sites — I’m calling this a long shot.

That said, BitBoy my guy, next time you are about to drop a video on the latest microcap shitcoin drop me a line first. I’m all in.


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