YIKES! Trump NFT MOCKED by His Biggest Supporters

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Former President Donald Trump announced yesterday that today there would be a major announcement and that major announcement was…. Digital trading cards, also known as NFTs. Also known as non-fungible tokens. Also known as memes. Yes, you can buy memes from Donald Trump. For only $99. At a time when the crypto market and all financial markets are sinking. At a time when the FTX founder just got arrested. They launched TRUMP NFTs.

First, fire everyone who did this. Whoever is responsible for this should be fired. Trump could have made more money by simply asking for $100 in donations. At this point the Trump campaign is a rotting carcass and a bunch of no good hyenas are feeding on the last strands of meat that remain.

A couple days after Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he was going to investigate Big Pharma, Trump announces digital trading cards. They don’t even offer them in physical form. The art is not really all that good. They don’t even tell you who the artist is. You have not clue. How is it expected that there will be long-term value when the artist is unknown. I could find someone in the Philippines that could do equivalent work for $3 per hour.

2016 was bold, innovative and inspiring. 2024 Trump is a like an Elvis Tribute lounge act. Cheesy. Boring. A poor replica of the original. And only appealing to the oldest living Americans who are dying off in rapid fashion.

Worst of all – BORING.

Trump can salvage his dignity. He can be the king maker for the next Republican President. But this has to stop before it’s too late.

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