Womanhood is For Sale – Discount Prices!

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When I was a child identifying gender was easy. In kindergarten cop it was said by a child that “boys have penises and girls have a vagina.” Simple enough. Case closed. Move on with our lives. Right? Well, in the immortal words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend. These days ‘being a woman’ has been redefined as an identity construct. So any man on the street could decide they are a woman tomorrow. And a woman could decide she is a man. But the conversion from male to female is especially tricky because of sports and popularity: there are more men that want to become women that women who want to become men. Personally, I would never give up the ability to pee while standing and will never understand the desire to do so.

But the point of this mansplaining is to point out that women are also questioning their identity, now that the new women are redefining who they are.

Men can put on the woman costume quite easily and society will now accept them as a woman without flinching. Whether this is ‘good’ or not is up to the observer but one has to note that womanhood is now up for sale. You can go to Ross, buy some clothes and like magic and for less than Elon is going to charge for a blue check mark you are a woman.

Men can grow out their hair, get breast implants, put on heels , plaster on make-up, paint nails, inject hormones, cut off their unit and buy a womb. They can change their name and reverse their sex on a birth certificate. And if they were a good athlete as a man, they’d probably be a dominant athlete as a woman.

Womanhood is for sale. And as a result the sanctity, authenticity and nobility of womanhood has been cheapened.


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