White House Monkey Pox Response Deputy Coordinator

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Dr. Demetre Daskalaki was hired and spoke to the world today during a press briefing at the White House, as the Monkeypox response deputy coordinator

That’s all fine and good until you see some of his photos floating around. The memes are now everywhere.

This is weird and it follows a trend of Biden staff being, well, non-traditional we’ll call it. My momma would call it inappropriate. Momma’s always right.

I don’t know many people like this but you might say I need to get out more but I might say this is why I don’t get out more.

I don’t know what type of character Biden will put in front of the camera tomorrow but they won’t be speaking to my kids.

Oh and they brought Podesta back you can’t convince me he’s not shady as heck…..


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