Two Civil War Veterans Talking About Fighting in the Civil War (Rare Footage, Interview, Reaction)

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These two Civil War veterans, aged 84 and 94, are talking about fighting in the Civil War. Filmed in 1929, they would have been 16 and 26 years old when the war started in 1861.

The “War of the Rebellion” refers to the Battle of Cole Camp.

Captain Walter S. O’Kane organized the Warsaw “Grays” and Captain Thomas W. Murray organized the “Blues.” The combined force numbered about 350, with 100 of them mounted. Two weeks after Cole Camp, just before the Battle of Carthage, O’Kane was elected lieutenant colonel of the battalion.

Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis, in his 1890 book “A Short History of the Confederate States of America,” claimed that 206 Union soldiers were killed and wounded, and over 100 taken prisoner.

The Battle of Wilson Creek saw Forces totaling 5400 for the Union and 11000 for the confederates. There 2330 total casualties and the Confederates won the battle decisively.

Wilson’s Creek, the most significant 1861 battle west of the Mississippi River, gave the Confederates control of southwestern Missouri.

Nathaniel Lyon was the first Union general to be killed in the American Civil War. Although the Union Army was defeated at Wilson’s Creek, Lyon’s quick action neutralized the effectiveness of pro-Southern forces in Missouri, allowing Union forces to secure the state.

William A. Morgan, the guy General Lyon hit in the face with a rock, eventually achieved the rank of Colonel. I believe he is a cousin of John Morgan, the man who shot General Lyon. In 2864 John Morgan was surprised by a Union raid on Greeneville, Tennessee. While attempting to retreat, he was shot in the back and killed by Union cavalrymen. They are both descendants of Daniel Morgan, a war hero from the Revolutionary War.

Major-General Sterling Price was a United States General and senior officer of the Confederate States Army who fought in both the Western and Trans-Mississippi theaters of the American Civil War.

Props to the Life in the 1800s bringing this clip to the masses and Upscaled Studio for turning it into some incredible 4k Ai Tech Color that let’s you see these vets in a whole new light. And thank you to whomever brought their video camera that day.

The admiration these men had for General Lyon. He was not their General, they fought against him, but the 84 year old vet called him “The bravest man I ever saw.” It tells you something about the mindset of these men and the respect they had for the opposition.

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