Twitter Bans Cue. We should remove it from the alphabet.

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Twitter had decided to remove, limit, obstruct or simply screw over QAnon accounts on their platform. For those of you who don’t know who “Q” is let’s get a quick definition out of the way: Q is a “conspiracy” that the deep state and system of pedophiles run the world. Q followers generally think that President Trump is arresting people or is going to arrest people and sh*t is about to go down.

There are Q Levels. Level one is the above explanation. The conspiracies go deeper and they are not going to be explained in this column. Too many rabbit holes for the purpose of this article.

Twitters new “rules” or policies are this:

These rules are so ill-defined that they will basically be able to remove you from Twitter for being a Trump supporter. These platforms are not meant for edgy takes unless it’s amongst the woke left. As we all know, the woke left is mainstream and not in the least edgy. The are boring and easily humiliated with arguments that contain even a hint of truth and logic.

As a result, social media has to save them.

But they won’t be able to save themselves, from themselves.


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