They Want Pandemic Amnesty

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The left wants a pandemic amnesty. This comes after they forced us to mask, forced our toddler to mask, forced us to jab, forced us to miss work, closed our businesses, miss dying family members and friends, skip funerals and send the collective scores for school kids back a grade or two.

Oh but it saved lives.

Except now crime is up. Obesity is up. Domestic violence is up. Even car crash rates have risen. So did it? Debatable to be sure. But who wants to debate such a thing when it means you get removed from the public square.

We weren’t allowed to question the science. As if the science was infallible. News flash: It was not.

And you’ll never convince me the reaction was not highly stimulated because it was an election year. It forced mail-in ballots. Because the science said would save lives, or something.

Well, congratulations, Trump lost the election. We now face record inflation. Thousands of businesses closed. Our children (and the adults) live on with emotional scars and the our collective verbal IQs have plummeted.

We will never forget.

We were right.

You were all behaving ridiculously.



You made us all look like Antifa in the age of George Floyd. Now criminals easily go about committing crimes because a mask no longer causes suspicion.

We remember. And we know you will do it again. We know you are planning for it. Scheming for it. Waiting for the right time to attack. Maybe after you lose another election. Make the populist pay for another uprising. Maybe it will be time to teach the public another lesson.

But me, I’ve learned from the best. Never to trust you and your scientific models, pushed by the corporate press, again. Not that I did the first time but now I know it’s imperative to reject everything you say. Reject every request you make. Reject every law you try to pass.

It is time to live where sane people roam and detach ourselves from the madness of mentally enslaved fools that fall for this crap.

A Pandemic Amnesty? No. Why don’t you stay 6 feet from me and my family – forever.


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