The Pennsylvania Solution: Recount and Verify Signatures

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Most Democrats and Republicans want a fair election. With reports of non-citizens voting, citizens voting multiple times and dead people voting the obvious solution is to verify signatures. Yet, there is little talk of this idea.

The common-sense-solution was proposed and shot down by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Two Republican justices joined to give Democrats in the decision.

The proposal asked that ballots that have a signature that don’t match the voter registration signature get tossed. This would eliminate most fraud. Both parties should be in favor of it. If Democrats continue to block it, the Trump Campaign must demand it or else it’s not a fair election.

Matching signatures would eliminate multiple votes for one person, dead person votes and voting for other people. Late ballots could still sneak in but in terms of eliminating fraud, a valid signature would ensure a fair election in the minds of most reasonable people.

So why is nobody talking about this?

It’s been mentioned by lesser-known accounts:

Many are demanding audits and cross referencing cemetery records, which are public record.

Still, signature verification are the most sensible solution to eliminate fraud. Such as this:

The Trump Campaign has launched a voter fraud website. Let’s see if the calls for signature verification can pick up steam.

Ohio verifies signatures. Their voting system worked flawlessly.

This is what they do to confirm votes are by actual eligible voters.

Joe Biden has had a much greater turnout in absentee ballots in Pennsylvania than in Ohio.

With that large of a difference in voting pattern for sister states (Michigan too), one has to begin asking questions and demanding signature verification.

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