The Joe Biden Campaign Knows They Are Losing. This Is How We Know

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Poor Joe Biden. He should be sipping on Pina Caladas on some remote island owned by a shady billionaire but instead his family dragged him into a presidential election. To make things worse, he won the nomination. To make things doubly worse, he was forced to select Kamala Harris as his running mate. Oh, and of course Hunter Biden, it was revealed, was posting naughty videos of him and his sister-in-law.

To make matters worse, if possible, he knows he is losing. It’s all a game.

Let’s analyze this thread of tweets.

No, You actually Won’t Win Without PA

They are not winning without PA and FL. Without Florida, maybe but certainly not without PA. Pennsylvania is a must win state for Democrats. Without it, they’d have to sweep the midwest (minus Ohio). Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and also hope to steal Nevada or North Carolina.

The analyses can be summed up by a Ron Coleman reply tweet:

The Florida Latino Vote

It’s incredible that President Trump, of all people, is inspiring the Latino vote in Florida. But it makes sense. Latinos in Florida fled from Cuba and other socialist countries. Many are not Mexican. This is a key difference many don’t understand. Many of my Mexican friends think that the South Western United States should literally be part of Mexico. They want it to be Mexican. Not just “fence jumper” but wealthy Mexicans believe this 100% and are hardcore Democrats. But the Florida Latinos are diverse (Cubans, Guatemalans, Brazilians, Argentineans, Chileans, etc.) do not have this historical belief. They came for a better life. And polls are showing that President Trump has converted them over to the Republican side of things for this election.

Social Media has Lost Its Mind

Twitter is suspending people like crazy. Facebook announced long ago that they will not be allowing early declarations of victory. They have lost their minds. The point may not be to steal the election but rather to create doubt once Trump wins.

Biden Gave Up

Once the Hunter Biden emails dropped, Biden went into hiding. You can’t hide during the final two weeks of a campaign and expect to win. Without momentum, Biden does not have the push needed to get out the vote. He knows it. It’s over.

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