Snoop Dogg, Lex Fridman and Others Want to Be The New Twitter CEO

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It appears Elon Musk will be stepping down as CEO of Twitter. Now the question everyone is asking; who will replace him?

There have been many prominent names to emerge who have volunteered their services. 

Snoop Dogg would like to be the CEO of Twitter.

81% say YES with over 2 million votes. I’m not sure how he would do but I do know that he and Elon have at least one thing in common.

Lex Fridman wants to be CEO and promises to bring and engineer-minded approach. 

While some like the idea, many others were begging Elon Musk not to pick Lex Fridman.

The Quartering went all out to make sure Elon Musk would remain as CEO but failed in doing so.

He wrote, “The most important day in the history of the culture war comes tomorrow. I will be up early doing everything I can but if you are a content creator, a twitter user, a normie, it doesn’t matter. We MUST mobilize to “vote no” to tell @elon musk NOT to step down. This is EVERYTHING. 

He then tagged a bunch of influencers and said, “If our friendship matters, create tomorrow to VOTE NO on Elon stepping down.

As far as I can tell both of these posts have since been removed.

Today he seems to have snapped out of his “most important event of all-time” logic and is explaining to leftists that even though they won the poll they’ll still lose.

He also pitched himself as a replacement after Elon said there is no replacement.

The most likely pick would be someone like David Sacks and maybe even Sacks himself if he wants it. Sacks has worked with Musk before and is the former CEO of PayPal. He has the credentials and a political leaning similar to Musk – Moderate Right of Center.

If it’s not David Sacks it would have to be someone with years of experience in tech, likely as a Founder or CEO, whom aligns with Musk ideologically.

Although, Snoop Dog as CEO would be good fun.


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