Saddam Hussein Purge and Execution 1979 – Brilliant and Brutal On Video

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Saddam Hussein was a brutal leader who purged his political rivals in a theatrical (on video) way in 1979 – for all of Iraq to see.

What Happened:
Saddam hurriedly convened an assembly of party leaders on July 22. During the assembly, which he ordered to be videotaped,[1] he claimed to have uncovered a fifth column within the party. Abdel-Hussein, broken after days of physical torture and under the threat of his family’s execution, confessed to taking a leading role in a Syrian-backed plot against the Iraqi government and gave the names of 68 alleged co-conspirators.

22 were executed and the rest went to jail for a year or longer – according to old articles by the New York Times and others.

Christopher Hitchen’s narrates this for an old speech he gave on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Hitchen’s was of course a big supporter of the Iraq war. This does not change the incredible presentation he it is worth noting he has many interviews and debates on the topic.

Christopher Hitchen’s compared Hussein to Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin but basically better…. “This is that extra little touch of pseudo masochistic genius…”

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