Ronna McDaniel REFUSES TO DEBATE Mike Lindell and Harmeet Dhillon for RNC Chair

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While is looks like Kevin McCarthy will stay on as the House Leader for the Republican Party, there is a real chance that ronna McDaniel, Mitt Romney’s niece, could finally lose her spot as the RNC Chair.

Now, before you get too excited, this is the Republican Party we are talking about – always finding a way to do the exact opposite of what their base wants. But people really don’t want Ronna McDaniel. The only thing she has proven to us since taking over is that she knows how to lose. Watch her discuss with Steve Bannon the possibility of debating her challengers.

Listen to what she says – she’s not going to debate in front of Republican voters – only elected officials. Why? Because she’s scared. She’s not a fighter. So tell me — > how and the hell are we expected to trust her with the next election?

I don’t care who her uncle is. I don’t how much plastic surgery she has had. I just care about winning. And this woman has not shown that she can win.

We won’t trust her. We should not trust her. She needs to be replaced. Immediately.

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