Queen Elizabeth II Dies – Hug Your Grandma Today

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Queen Elizabeth II is ill. She’s 96. Whether she lives or not she’s old and she’s not long for this world. (update: RIP)

None of us are for that matter. Life is short and we all have the privelege of occupying this realm only for as long as god sees fit.

Of course, Prince Harry is releasing a memoir by the end of the year. Meghan Markle has accused the royal family of racism.

Imagine the stress this has caused the 96-year-old Queen. When she was born the Royals married their cousins so forgive her if she is not up to date on the latest trends.

Harry chose to move away from his family and miss his grandma and grandmpa’s final years. I understand this. I did this as well. But if you are thinking of doing this, think twice, because once they are gone you’ll miss them forever.

Whatever bitterness implores you to make the lives in your family or friend circle more difficult, take a pause on that as well. It’s almost certainly not worth it. Not for book sales. Not for brownie points from the corporate press. The void in your soul won’t be filled. Your just digging deeper to the depths of emptiness and despair. Harry will miss his Grandma. he’ll grow bitter towards those who helped him turn against his family. and he’ll continue to chase the dreams of his mother that are just beyond reach.

So in honor of Queen Elizabeth hug your grandma and grandpa today if you are so lucky to have that chance. Many of us don’t and you won’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.


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