Pray For Ye, For He Cries Against Abortion, God Help The Rest

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The collective declared Kanye West crazy, again. He went on stage. He questioned black history. He cried when telling a story about his oldest daughter that was nearly aborted. He apparently failed to do what he needed to do to make the ballot in South Carolina. Kanye was being Kanye.

This is all well and good. It is little benefit to the lives of the normal man to question the motives of a billionaire entertainer. But when he fired off the tweets about his wife, this raised an ‘ah ha’ moment.

Apparently Kim Kardashian was trying to get a doctor to lock Kanye up int a mental hospital after his campaign stop in South Carolina. This makes sense for the millions of people that are ‘concern trolling’ Kanye. The point of this blog is not to speculate Kanye’s mental condition. No, the point is to point out the absolute utter insanity of the society we live in.

Kim Kardashian got her start with homemade porn videos. That was her big break.

Her father-in-law became a woman. He was given awards for it. He was given the cover photo of magazines. He transcended sports into a cultural phenomenon. Because he put on high heels, had plastic surgery and did whatever he did to his private parts.

To contrast, Kanye cried about abortion.

The mental madness of a collective to praise Bruce Jenner for his freakish transformation is reflective of a sickness that must be cleansed.

In order to cleanse we must wash away all that is tearing the fabric of collective insanity apart; godless materialism.

Until then we are an emotional bunch, lead to slaughter by whatever devilish persuasion is dressed up as the new normal.

God help them when we pull our collective heads out of the fallacies of fools and ride the waves directed by purpose.


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