Potato Pride Song – North Korea (Kim Jung Un, Animation, Subtitles)

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The Potato Pride song is a fun, upbeat song but the meaning has a bit of a dark history in North Korea. The North Korean government pushed ‘potato pride’ because of the massive food insecurity in the 90s – a period that brought famine to the region. North Korea decided the potato was the solution to this problem. The issue was that North Koreans preferred other crops, such as rice. So, the government of North Korea launched potato propaganda, highlighted by this delightful Potato Pride folk song.

We have to give props to the North Korean government for this. Not only did the great a fire song about potato pride but they were also trying to feed their people. We love rice and potatoes but if eating extra potatoes would save lives, then fill me up with potato pride.

We hope you liked our animation of Kim Jung Un and the singing potatoes. Now enjoy the rest of the day while you can’t get the North Korea potato song anthem out of your head.

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