John Fetterman’s Brain: Pennsylvania Senate Campaign Has A Serious Problem

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Have you noticed how BRAIN DEAD John Fetterman is? Holy crap there guy can’t string two sentences together. (clip of fetterman being dumb)

He a nationally televised interview with NBC, he could not even answer question without a teleprompter. This is not joke – the man can’t speak or take questions from media. (clip of him w teleprompter)

But here we are we the ladies from the view, talking about how it’s not a big deal because, get this, they too enjoy closed captioning when watching TV.

(clip of retarded view ppl)

“I love close caption” Yea when you’re cleaning the house with the dog barking 10 feet away. Not when you are doing an interview with national media AS A SENATE CANDIDATE HOLY F’ING SHIT

For those that don’t know, Fetterman had a stroke a few months ago. The Democrats decided, screw it, let’s go with him as Senate candidate anyways. And Fetterman was an unintelligible buffoon BEFORE THE STROKE, this merely exasperates it.

But why, a sane person might ask, would Democrats prop up a brain dead candidate? Because they think they can get away with it. And the scary part is that they might. Polling shows him slightly ahead of Dr. Oz in the critical Pennsylvania Senate race. By electing someone so demonstrably dumb, he’s someone that can easily be controlled.

Gee, where have we seen this before?

And for the record, Joe Biden makes John Fetterman look like Ben Shapiro when it comes to oratory skills.

I have a tough time imagining Fetterman will win. Certainly moderates in Pennsylvania won’t vote for a man with OBVIOUS BRAIN DAMAGE. Right? RIGHT!

If they do, it is a clown world after all.


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