Host On The View Compares White Republican Women To Roaches

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“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin compared White suburban women voting Republican to “roaches voting for Raid”, outraging the token white conservative woman host they have on the show. If she does not understand why white women would vote for Republicans, let me refresh her.

A strong border allows their communities to remain strong, keeps drugs from entering their towns and in the blood stream of their children.

They probably don’t like the new found gender fluidity pushed by democrats. Believe it or not most suburban white women think boys are boys and girls are girls and life-changing medical “care” can wait until they kids are adults. And they think the Democrat party is fucking nuts.

The think pronouns are dumb.

They think free speech is more important than political correctness.

So, that’s just a start. Believe it or not the world is bigger than the abortion issue. And it’s not like people can’t get abortions. You are all being silly. And crazy. And fundamentally dishonest in your daily analyses. Plus, your candidates are uncool, boring and unrelatable.

Do better.


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