Government Paid Twitter To Censor and Destroy Democracy

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The latest Twitter Files drop shows that the Government paid Twitter millions of dollars to censor information from the public. Elon Musk is calling out Adam Schiff directly.

This means that conservatives are paying taxes to the deep state, also known as the swamp, also known as the permanent ruling class, to censor themselves. All in secret. The FBI and Intelligence Community would pay Twitter (and other tech giants) to ban, censor and discredit information that could harm their agenda – specifically the Hunter Biden story.

They did the same to Facebook, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “The FBI basically came to us [and] was like, ‘Hey… you should be on high alert. We thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in 2016 election. There’s about to be some kind of dump similar to that.'”

When the government pays Twitter to censor, it is safe to assume what the political agenda would be — > considering the fact that Twitter employees donated to Democrats a whopping 99% of the time.

Donating to a single political party is bad and I’d guess that the remaining 1% went to Mitt Romney.

Of course, Democrats are unconvinced there is anything wrong with the fact that the government was paying companies to censor free speech (which was often factual). Tim Fullerton says, “This is a lot of words to literally say nothing.” Who is Time Fullerton? Well, he identifies as He/Him and he’s the “former digital @BarackObama.”

Petterico was equally dismissive.

Sure, no big deal. Nothing to see here. Just a political campaign and intelligence agencies working directly with Twitter.

To pretend it’s all of this is not driven by a political agenda, namely to get President Trump out of office, then show me where the Intelligence community was trying to censor those pushing the Trump-Russia misinformation after the 2016 election. You will not find it because they were the ones pushing it.

A perfect example is Jamie Rasking, a J6 Committee member who denied the results in 2000 and objected to the results again in 2016.

Raskin is a long-time election denier, and he and his late father were/are long-time Marxists. He was involved in both Trump impeachments and, of course, is now involved in this debacle. Of course, his past and that of his father fly under the media radar.

Here he is with Adam Schiff proving to be the ultimate hypocrite, void of any values and integrity.

And here he is again saying that the President worked to cite and erection. His words, not mine.

Of course his misspoke but I believe it’s called a Freudian slip. He certainly gets off strutting his feathers in front of the TV, showing whichever colors will work best depending on the political climate.

The hypocrisy is a given but it must be pointed out. Just like the intelligence community working with Big Tech to censor conservatives is a given, it’s a great thing that Elon Musk is pointing it out.

Don’t be gaslit by Liberals into thinking this is no big deal. If the roles were reversed this would be every headline of every paper and all over the news media –> the only thing they’d ever talk about. A threat to Democracy. Their silence should only strengthen your resolve.

These are not people that will play fairly. They will pervert all that is good about American as they work to continuously change it forever. In order to beat them at their own game, patriots will need to speak no matter the consequences. After all, they are about to likely arrest President Trump. These Twitter files should reinforce the fact that much of what we were censored for – called crazy and conspiracy theorists for – was indeed correct.


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