Giorgia Meloni Speech – This Is Why They Fear Us (Italy Prime Minister, English Subtitles)

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Giorgia Meloni Speech – This is Why They Fear Us (Italy Prime Minister). English subtitles. Speaking English.

The new Prime Minister of Italy has gone super viral on Twitter, Facebook and throughout social media. She has been called far-right, fascist, a Mussolini clone, a patriot and all of the common names given to right wing nationalists.

This speech is absolute fire. We’ve provided English subtitles, although in other speeches you’ll discover she speaks good English (Inglese). These are exciting times as she brings an Italian spirit desperately needed throughout Europe.

She is prioritizing putting an end to Illegal immigration. That is a good start. With plummeting birth rates and a dying population, there is plenty of work to be done.

God. Fatherland. Family.

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