German Soldier’s Song – Erika (Animation, English Subtitles)

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This is an old German soldier war song called “Erika”. We are posting for historical purposes. We hope you like our animations, which are based and chad-pilled. This song was released in the 1930’s and while some may associate it with bad things, we don’t, as we are American’s who appreciate good music with historical significance. It is said to have been written in 1930 before World War 2 even started. “Erika” represents a common German female and a symbol of Germany heritage. The song itself has no military themes, other than the fact that the narrator is away from home and sees a plant of the same name.

The song Erika has become traditional in other cultures and armies as well, including Chila and teh Finnish Army, with a transation called “Kaarina”. A version, with Afrikaans lyrics, was the anthem of the South African Air Force during the apartheid years. There is an American version as well called “Erica”. By the time you see this we’ll probably have published the animation for the Erica version that was popular in Vietnam.

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