Full Video of George Floyd’s Arrest by Minneapolis Officers Leaked by British Newspaper

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The full video of George Floyd’s arrest has been leaked by the British newspaper The Daily Mail, showing the first moments of the incident prior to the death that set off protests across the country.

“Please don’t shoot me. Please, man,” a distressed Floyd can be heard saying in the video, which is just over eight minutes long.

“Please, man. I just lost my mom, man. Please don’t shoot me, Mr. Officer, please.”

An officer replies, “I’m not shooting you” shortly after a gun is pointed at Floyd.

Officers instruct him to show his hands, place them on the steering wheel, and, finally on his head.

“The terror on George Floyd’s face as a rookie cop points a gun at his head while he sits in his car can be seen today for the first time,” the Daily Mail wrote in the introduction part of the video, which has been viewed more than 65,000 times since its release as of Monday night.

The video was exclusively obtained by the British newspaper and website from the bodycams of officers Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, who were part of Floyd’s fatal arrest on Memorial Day 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Floyd died after officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for nine minutes on May 25.

Also during the video, Floyd sobs as officers pull him out of the car and handcuff him, while his ex suggests he was undergoing mental problems and is afraid of police.

There is a struggle to get Floyd in the cop car, as Floyd eventually sits down in the back.

“I am claustrophobic, for real,” Floyd tells them. “I’m going to die in here. I’m going to die, man.”

Floyd eventually ended up face down on the pavement, which Chauvin’s knee on his neck, and called out for his late mother prior to his death.

Also during the arrest, Lane spoke with Floyd’s ex, Shawanda Hill about why Floyd was being “all squirrelly and not showing us his hands and just being all weird like that?”

“Because he’s been shot before,” Hill, 45, replied.

“Well I get that,’ Lane says. ‘But still, when officers say: ”Get out of the car…”

“Is he drunk or something?”

“No, he’s got a thing going on,” Hill says, pointing to her head and making a circular movement with her finger as if to suggest her ex had mental problems. “About the police,” she adds. 

Chauvin has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder, while fellow former officers, Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng have all been charged with aiding and abetting murder.

All four officers were fired the day after Floyd’s death.

Transcripts from the videos were released in mid-July, but a judge in Minneapolis ruled the video could only be viewed in the courthouse, prior to its release today via the Mail.

The two officers’ videos were filed with Hennepin County District Court by Lane’s defense attorney, the Mail said.

The full video can be seen from the Mail YouTube channel below:

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