EVIL: The Stimulus Bill Would Allow the Feds to Prosecute Live Streamers

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Everyone expected the stimulus bill to include billions in graft for Washington politicians and their puppet masters.

No one expected this.

The proposed stimulus bill would allow the federal government to prosecute people for live streaming video that’s hit with a DMCA notice.

For context, popular pro-Trump meme maker Carpe Donktum had his Twitter account banned over unlawful DMCA claims for video that he made fair use of legally.

The stimulus bill would empower the Justice Department to charge people for felony copyright infringement if they intentionally stream copyrighted material online.

This draconian measure was previously proposed as “The CASE Act.”


Looks like the powers that be really do want to lock up your favorite thought criminals online for daring to go against the system.

President Trump should veto this evil.


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