Elon Musk’s Field Of Dreams Moment – Mass Amnesty on Twitter

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Field of Dreams was released in 1989 and became an instant American Classic. Kevin Coster played the lead role and it’s one of those movies where only bots can avoid tears. I’m not writing a movie review, as I assume you’ve all seen it, but instead I’m going to dive into the parallels of what Costner’s character (Ray Kinsella) did and what Elon is in the middle of doing in his Twitter takeover. And I’m also going to assume you all understand the context and reasoning as to why the baseball field was built – for 8 players that got banned from baseball in 1920 after allegedly throwing the World Series. Although as the movie notes, Shoeless Joe’s 12 base hits set a Series record that was not broken until 1964, and he led both teams with a .375 batting average. He committed no errors, and threw out a runner at the plate.

A specific quote from the movie stuck out to me when considering Elon Musk’s poll on “Mass Amnesty.” To date mass amnesty has not arrived, although Elon has slowly been letting people back on Twitter that have long been banned. Some famous, some not. Shoeless Joe Jackson (played by Ray Liotta) told Ray Kinsella “There were others you know, there were eight of us.” If you had to equate Shoeless Joe to a real life Twitter character it would undoubtedly be Donald Trump. Of course, Trump has been too hard headed to come back to Twitter to-date, but Shoeless Joe was living the dream when he was respawned onto a baseball field…in the middle of a cornfield. He reminded Ray that he was not the only one. And Ray of course invited all of the banned players. Eventually many more players joined and there were full games being played.

Elon is currently at the point where he has plowed down the basedball field. It cost him $44 Billion. Lots of people watched from a distances asking themselves “what is that idiot doing.”

And for those of us who are not risk adverse, we understand. Elon is doing what Elon thinks needs to be done. He’s standing in the middle of a cornfield and voices are telling him what to do. He may not fully understand why. And he certainly does not fully understand what the outcome will be. But he’s plowing down the corn field and is eagerly anticipating what the next scene in the movie will be, along with the rest of us.

I must tell you that I am one of the banned players. I can’t tell you why I was banned but I can tell you that my account was banned two days after Elon took over, while the old regime was still in place. I am patiently waiting to walk out of the corn field and play ball once again. But I understand that Elon has many obstacles in his way. He has many voices in his hear, many roads to navigate and he must maintain an unshakeable belief that he’s not fucking crazy. There really were voices telling him to plow down the corn field. To build a baseball field. People really will come. They will spend $8 per month for a blue check. He will maintain advertiser dollars and keep Apple happy. And if not, he will find a way. He will release Twitter Files and expose corruption. And he will save western civilization.

And all he had to do, ultimately, was plow down his corn field. A risky proposition to be sure. But one that had to be done. And he’s going all the way. Go the distance. And people will come. The will come from all over the planet to marvel at his audacity to preserve our favorite past time; the public square. Where we have the freedom to have an open dialogue and debate one another when necessary.

Whether Elon fully realizes his dream or not, I can tell you without a doubt, he’s opening up a world of possibility for others. And all that was sacrificed was extremely expensive corn.


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