Doc Rivers Is “Scared of America First” – Teaches Black History at NBA Camp

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“Doc” Rivers, the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers recently revealed that simply hearing the phrase “America First” scares him. He said, “When you hear, ‘America first,’ that scares me, because I’m a Black man and that’s not including me.” Whhhhat?

He explained to the AP why he has become so political lately, “I’ve always been aware of politics, I’ve always been involved. But what got me involved is, we have this separation of race now, of pitting races against each other.”

He elaborated, “I want us to all be included. I want us all to function with each other.”

As for his political goals he explained one of them is to completely ban guns in order to solve shooting deaths, “Obviously, if anybody knew the answer, we would try to find the answer there, you know, other than taking guns off the street, but that’s too political. So we’ve got to figure it out.”

He also wants police reform saying, “Our training has to be better. The thing that bothers me is that everyone should want that, including the police.” He didn’t specifically detail what the reform looks like.

He also taught the players about African slave trade. He said, “Teaching American history is under assault right now. And it’s not Black history or teaching about slavery, it’s American history.”

“And so I was amazed,” Rivers said. The first thing that I was taught the other day was, how many players, and not only players, coaches, came up to me and said, ‘Wow, I never was taught that in my history class.”


The NBA has become a completely socially unaware, hyper liberalized cesspool. I don’ think it started with Obama but he certainly accelerated the intensity of it. But beyond that, NBA coaches and players are collectively brain dead. This goes for most professional sports. They will do whatever the corporations want them to do, no matter how rich they already are.

Look at Kyrie Iriving, one of the few NBA players that is not afraid to talk about controversial topics. He simply shared and Alex Jones meme, one of the most viral content producers of all-time, and NBA and SportsCenter analysts about lost their minds.

Whether you agree with Kyrie or not, let him do as he pleases. Alex Jones, believe it or not, might teach you guys a thing or two about how corporate power corrupts, disempowers and brainwashes the masses into being mindless consumers.

Black Lives Matter infested the NBA, along with other professional leagues, and it’s quite shocking how so many conservatives are still able to gobble it up without puking it right out.

The craziest think Doc Rivers said though, was about “America First” scaring him. Doc has lived the American Dream, filled with success and riches. He played on the American National team. He was a leading candidate to be the head coach of Team USA. And he is scared of America First? Does he want America to come last? The whole league is insane and difficult to watch.

aches Black History at NBA Camp

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