Do White Lives Matter?

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Of course they do. White lives matter as we are all children of god and supposedly equal under the law. But before examining the cultural ramification and suppression of the White Lives Matter controversy, and why whites in particular are so afraid to say it white lives matter, let’s look at the violent crime stats.

Black violent crime towards whites is nearly 10x higher than white violent crime towards blacks.

In fact, the white on black violent crime rates are much lower than white on hispanic violent crime rates. Every white person I know, whom I can have these discussions with, knows that you can’t commit a crime, or even act in self defense against a black man without the world and weight of the law being thrown at you. This is common sense. This is the world we live in as a white man.

The “United We Stand” summit just took place, where they talked about hate crimes. It was almost entirely focused around white hate crime against other races. Not once were whites mentioned as victims of hate crimes. I jokingly summarized the coference as this: (Chris Farley Clip)

Attorney General Merrick Garland bragged about getting a hate crime conviction for the men in Georgia who killed a black man. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas talked about how whites are now the number one terrorist threat in America.

But the bottom line is that whites commit the least amount of violent crime towards other races, yet receive most of the scorn from the media and federal agencies.


Why hide the truth from white people? And from everyone? If they tell people the truth, maybe violent crimes against whites will go down, right?

While most white people likely know whites commit less interracial violent crime, they keep the discussion and knowledge of it on the fringes. This way if someone talks about it they can call them a white supremacist or a white supremacist sympathizer. But why the hatred? Why the animosity? Why the suppression of reality?

Are they afraid that if whites know the truth they will revolt? They will remove rights from minorities, turn back the clock on societal progress? Or, do they just hate white people and white Christians in particular? And for whites participating in the suppression, are they simply fleeing to a moral high ground and mainstream acceptance?

Our pasty white friends at MSNBC reflect this perfectly. Chris Hayes tweeted:

“Cannot overstate the degree to which gruesome surveillance footage of black people committing violent crimes has become the quasi-permanent wallpaper on Fox these days. Just over and over and over…”

It’s almost as if this is his way of bringing the violent crime committed against whites problem to the attention of his audience – from a liberal posture. Certainly he is familiar with the stats. They are unavoidable to anyone who digs deeper than surface level.

So, TikTok banned the term “WhiteLivesMatter”. If I do Google searches like “black man kills white woman” all I see are stories of whites killing blacks.

They are desperate to keep the surface level normies blind to facts. They are hiding the truth. This ‘hiding of the truth’ really accelerated when Donald Trump was elected President.

The only thing we can do is ask WHY? And we can bite the bullet and speak the truth. They will call us racist. They can get us fired from jobs. They can kick us out of corporate approved polite society.

But Like Jewish Conservative Darren Beattie noted:

White people would rather this happen to their children than be “racist”

That’s why whites are so desperate for a black pop star’s permission or a black conservative’s permission to say their own lives matter

And it can get lonely to speak the truth about racial issues. And it’s not for everyone. But like Diddy said about blacks when lecturing Kanye West for wearing a “white lives matter” shirt, “we’re the ones that are dying.”

And our people are dying too, Diddy. I feel ya. I really do.

But the difference is that we are supposed to talk about it. But that is why we must.

Kanye West and Candace Owens response video.

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