Democrats Save Democracy

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Democrats have saved Democracy.

Old ways of winning elections are dead. An aspirational message? No. Large crowds at rallies? No. Large social media followings? No. Actual grassroots support? No. Winning Debates? No. Senate candidates without brain damage? No. Presidential candidates without dementia? no.

It is simple: It is no longer about getting out the vote. That was the message in the classic MTV days, which helped Bill Clinton win. We then saw George Bush win and the election was not called on election day. Which, at the time, was almost unheard of and a disgrace to Democracy.

But now that has changed. We don’t have election day. We have election month. Or longer if we deem Democracy is really worth saving.

And why are we having election month or longer if Democracy is really worth saving? The flu. Democrats are worried about spreading the flu. But you might ask, if it’s about the flu, why was Nancy Pelosi pushing for mail-in ballots in 2018. And to that I’d say: quit questioning Democracy. You anti-democracy fascistic science denier bigot.

The game has changed. It started in 2018. It took over in 2020. And it happened again in 2022. And again Republicans were somehow unprepared. While the Qtards were yelling at voting machines, Democrats were mailing out ballots. And collecting ballots. And this is perfectly legal in most states. You see, that is the game now. It’s not about getting out the vote – it’s about collecting the ballots.

And as Trump prepares court battles in every state just to be able to run, it’s not only about collecting ballots, it’s about lawfare as well. And on top of that whatever the heck else Democrats throw into the mix. Why? For Democracy. This is what the founding fathers envisioned. This is what our ancestors fought and died for. Mailing out millions of ballots to save Democracy. And if you questioned it they said you were anti-democracy fascistic science denier bigots.

You can cry about it. You can call the other side cheaters. You can have big rallies like a big boy. You can inspire millions of suckers who show up on election day to vote. You can gain millions of followers on social media. You can prepare to debate your brain dead opponent. You can prepare to debate your opponent who refuses to debate at all. And you will lose.

And why? Because you did not want to save Democracy. And ballot collectors knew better.


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