Democrats are Now Blaming Illegal Immigration on Republicans For Pointing out the Open Border

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A new talking point has emerged that millions of illegal immigrants are pouring across the border because Republicans are pointing out that millions of illegal immigrants are pouring across the border. In a classic case of ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ the corporate media and Democrat Party are syncing their software to blame the problem on the people pointing out the problem.

ABC reporter Martha Raddatz blames Greg Abbott, President Trump, and Ron DeSantis for the border crisis because they talk about the fact that the border lacks a border wall and as a result we have open borders.

I’ll agree with Martha Raddatz on one thing – the wall is not the only problem. Granting amnesty to illegals, catch and release policies, access to benefits, schooling and sanctuary cities have amplified the border crises in a big way. Not only can they just walk on right through the border but they get free stuff as a result, with full awarness that if they just hang around long enough some idiot politician will eventualy give them, their kids and extended family United States Citizenship.

Karen Jean-Pierre jumped on the ‘we don’t have open borders’ talking point at a press briefing today as well.

These issues could be solved in a few weeks if we simply did what President Trump attempted to do: Build a wall, Turn them away at the border and work with Mexico to make sure the problem is slowed down before they attempt to enter into United States territory. But Democrats blocked funding for the wall and they’ve reversed Trump policies that worked. The border is open not because people say it is open but because everyone knows that with a Democrat in office the border is wide open for any and all to come through and in record numbers.


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