Charles Barkley Thinks Kyrie Irving and ‘idiot who should have been suspended’

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Charles Barkley, who once declared ‘I don’t want want to be your role model, has now fashioned himself as Chuck the Cuck who wants to Suspend and Fine Kyrie Irving for wrongthink. In a league that happily allowed anti-patriotism and far-left activism to infiltrate it’s entire brand, they now gasp at the thought someone would step ogf the plantation and share alternative viewpoints on social media and even Alex Jones. Yes Alex Jones, the man who is friends with Joe Rogan and one of the most viral humans to ever live. The man who does not always get it right but is right more than most of us would like to acknowledge. But if you are a professional player you can’t share him. Why?

I’ll tell you why. It has nothing to do with truth. It has nothing to do with racism, sexism, anti-Semitism or homophobia. It has everything to do with corporate sponsors. The material that NBA players promote. The causes they support. The activism they partake in – must be palatable to their corporate masters.

What works for the corporate sponsors? Black Lives Matter. Gay Pride. Social Justice. Climate Change. If it’s not woke the professional leagues have zero tolerance for it. The liberal media will attack you for it. And the largely Conservative fanbase will put up with it, for now.

At the end of Barkley’s cornball out-of-touch segment he had a Rabbi from Los Angeles come on the show. He wants Kyrie to visit his synagogue. Yea, as if Kyrie is not a worldly experienced guy. Ok. But he closed with this:

The conversation has to start young. It has to start now. And the reason I love this show is it has to start in the sports world. Sports and faith intersect in a very deep way.

What an interesting observation and one that I don’t think you’d hear from many Christian priests and pastors. Sports have been a tool of the left to push progressivism, to push social justice, to push cultural marxism. While it has helped usher in some great changes in society, like all progressive institutions, it has shown little tolerance for independent thought. Their wisdom is as deep as a kiddy pool. The leagues are nothing more than culture vultures. Looking to squeeze the blood from their newest talent and looking to silence anyone and everyone that dares question their social agenda.

Maybe for the Rabbi sports helps push his agenda. Maybe it helps push the ideals of his religion. I don’t know. But for millions of sports fans, including myself, the professional leagues have become a cancer to our culture. A disgrace to our past. And a problem for our future.


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