Cat Fight in Congress: Lauren Boebert Feuds with MTG over Kevin McCarthy and Trump

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There is a cat fight in congress. It involves two MAGA Congresswomen, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert – the closest thing Republicans ever came to The Squad. Except, these two never really paired up on anything, as much as others tried to make it happen. Unlike Democrats, Republicans tend to be more independent. Expecting Republicans to unite on anything, let alone two strong conservative women, is most certainly asking too much. I’m going to break down this feud better than anyone else can. So buckle up.

First, here’s the clip of Boebert casually insulting MTG, while discussing the fact that she does not support Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker.

Charlie Kirk pointed out to Matt Gaetz that MTG says Kevin McCarthy is going to be a great speaker. Gaetz says he’s a fan and admirer of MTG but that he disagrees. Kirk then tosses it to Boebert who says, “I’ve been aligned with Marjorie and accused of believing a lot of the things she believes in. I don’t believe in this, just like I don’t believe in Russian space lasers or Jewish space lasers.” Kirk then asks if it’s a “hard no” regarding McCarthy and Boebert left the door open saying “no we just need to have an inside conversation and make sure these promises are there.”

This led to a massive triggering for MTG, who followed up the first tweet with the following:

This shows the contrasting styles of the two women. Boebert likes to be nimble, very much a typical politician. She does not want to get bogged down on a specific direction before she absolutely has to. While this can come across and disingenuous, it can also be good strategy. Boebert was on committees in her first year in Congress, while the outspoken Greene has been forced to watch from the sidelines.

Ironically, it’s now MTG that looks like the sell out, cozying up to McCarthy to get back on the playing field while Boebert gets to look cool in her ‘let’s wait on McCarthy’ attitude.

MTG is a bull in a China shop. While this is fun to watch and root for, it also hurts her politically. The same could be said for Trump. If Trump did not attack John McCain the way he did, for example, he would have gotten health care reform pushed through. If Kari Lake did not attack John McCain, she would have won Arizona, regardless if ballot machines were working properly or not.

Well, if MTG could have been more of a savvy politician, she would have been on committees and could avoid kissing the feet of McCarthy now, whom is not liked by MAGA at all, even if Trump is supporting him. One final note before I move onto my final point – Boebert is in a losable District in Colorado. She is expected to win but as she just found out, losing is a possibility. While MTG is in a deep red District. She can be full-MAGA and her district in Georgia will love her more than ever.

“Lauren Refuses to Support Trump”

This is the biggest accusation thrown at Boebert – her “refusal” to support Trump. I can only assume she means for President and not the various lawsuits that are floating around. This is a deflection by MTG, to show MAGA that she loves Trump and Boebert is off the Trump Train. MTG knows full well that her base does not like McCarthy but they still support President Trump. There is just one problem with this: it’s still early in the process in deciding who will be the Republican nominee for President.

Boebert appreciates flexibility and there is no political advantage for her to support Trump this early in the process. This ‘loyalty pledge’ that is expected of MAGA voters and politicians is silly. There are going to be some excellent candidates running for President, including Governor Ron DeSantis, among others. We still don’t know who is running and what their platform, both foreign and domestic, will include. Why give the pledge before you know who the competition is? Is Trump the ONLY ONE that can bring needed change to America? A man who, as much as he is loved, will be 78-years-old in 2024. We can’t afford to put all of our eggs in the elderly basket this early in the process. We are living through a geriatric Presidency right now and it’s humiliating. While Trump is in better shape than Biden, age is a big concern.

It is reasonable to conclude then that Boebert is smart not to announce who she is supporting at this time. While others like MTG are happy to jump on the Trump Train, Boebert is once again showing that she likes to be nimble. Again, there are two sides to this. On one hand it’s smart and on the other hand it makes her look fake. Whatever your perception, it’s hard to fault her for navigating these very murky waters with caution as of now.

So Who Won?

Boebert. No doubt. MTG is slobbering all over McCarthy. That’s a bad look. While Boebert threw out the first insult, MTG blew it up into a big story and created a full-blown cat fight. I doubt Boebert even bothers to respond, although it would be fun if she does.


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