Breaking: Taylor Lorenz BANNED from Twitter for Alleged Doxxing

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Elon Musk has banned The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz from Twitter. Most know Taylor Lorenz from when she allegedly doxxed the Libs of TikTok creator. But it is a lawsuit involved Ariadna Jacob and the New York Times that seems to be getting her the most heat. Ariadna tweeted:

“I’m not famous and I wasn’t a public figure either when Taylor Lorenz asked for my address, said it wasn’t for publication and then proceeded to dox me in the NYT with the address she had assured me she wasn’t going to publish. The article was shared many x on Twitter. @elonmusk.”

Elon Musk replied to the tweet saying:
“Such shameful behavior will not be tolerated going forward.”

Jacob is a TikTok agent who has sued the New York Times, alleging that a Lorenz story damaged her business, according to The New York Post.

Former PayPal CEO chimed in by tweeting:

“Real-time doxxing is illegal in California under Penal Code 653.2. It is not constitutionally protected speech.”

The irony as pointed out by ALX is that while Lorenz allegedly was doxing others, Wikipedia still does not know her real age. We know more about Jesus Christ than we do Taylor Lorenz.

Perhaps Taylor Lorenz should have listened to herself when she once said:

“Doxxing, stalking, trying to hurt people’s loved ones, threatening them, it’s not OK in any situation. People on here who want to constantly stoke these politicized outrage campaigns want to dismiss it, but it shouldn’t be dismissed. Has very real consequences.” — @taylorlorenz

So true Taylor, so true. Something you’ll have time to think about now that you are off Twitter.

BTW, unban me from Twitter Elon. I did not “evade ban” as the old regime claimed!

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