1/11/21 News Roundup

The news is out-of-control right now. Twitter is banning everybody. Facebook is banning everybody. The President has gone silent

Barr Betrays Trump Again, Applauded by Breitbart News and Daily Wire Staff

Bill Barr, after resigning from the Trump administration, has decided to stick in yet another dagger.

EVIL: The Stimulus Bill Would Allow the Feds to Prosecute Live Streamers

Everyone expected the stimulus bill to include billions in graft for Washington politicians and their puppet masters.

The Pennsylvania Solution: Recount and Verify Signatures

Most Democrats and Republicans want a fair election. With reports of non-citizens voting, citizens voting multiple times and dead people voting the...

The Joe Biden Campaign Knows They Are Losing. This Is How We Know

Poor Joe Biden. He should be sipping on Pina Caladas on some remote island owned by a shady billionaire but instead his...


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Bill Pulte started the hashtag #TwitterPhilanthropy in 2019. He kicked the hashtag off by...

Elon Musk Hypes Dogecoin, AGAIN! What it means

Elon Musk has driven the Tesla stock to unbelievable highs in recent years but he has turned his attention to something of...

Youtube and TikTok Star Flexes Altcoin Manipulation

In 2017 cryptocurrency was out-of-control, especially in regards to 'altcoins'. Altcoins are all cryptocurrenty coins that are not Bitcoin. Many affectionately refer...